Sunday, January 12, 2014

Types of Co-Workers on the job and in MBA Business School / Types of Fellow MBA Classmates too?

From the link:

Apart from all the good ones, there are other types of colleagues / fellow classmates, potentially:
  • The Sneaky UnderminerA person who sees you as a threat - who feels insecure or jealous, tries to put you down
  • The Deadline MisserA person who is always late at submitting work, and keeps giving excuses
  • The SaboteurA person who lies, who over-promises and under-delivers, people who brag, but their stories never add up
  • The Chronic ComplainerA person who is a whiner, fault finder, blame-fixer, a negative person who keeps saying "this will not work" / "we already tried that", these are killjoys
  • The OvershadowerAn overachiever who always tries to on-up on you - but in reality, the person may be insecure or lack in self-confidence
  • The SlackerA person who gets work done by others by playing dumb and seeking help / assistance all the time. They may not be dumb in reality, but may only be playing dumb
  • The Kiss-UpA person who uses compliments to build relationships, but may not provide honest information / feedback --> Instead, people should provide opinions that are respected, whether they are accepted or not
  • The Leap-Before-You-LookerA high energy multi-tasking colleague whose work may or my not be 100% perfect, who may not plan very well
  • The Drama-QueenA colleague who over-reacts and exaggerates
  • The LurkerA colleague who keeps hovering around you
For details, please read the full article at the link above.

Some solutions for these problems:
  • Improve conversation skills
  • Involve in small talk
  • Use ice breakers
  • Make people be early to complete assignments - by using small rewards
  • Keep correspondence in writing when possible - document as many things as you can, so that there is no confusion or misinterpretation, and there is also evidence available when you need it
  • Be optimistic - do not let a killjoy break the team spirit
  • Do not let anyone overshadow you - claim credit for your own work, and enjoy your successes
  • Do not always cover up anyone's laziness - let the slacker fall flat on his face, if he is not working hard
  • Forge real relationships, and encourage real, honest feedback
  • Collaborate with people who tend to miss deadlines or not follow up on work assigned / who fizzle out after the initial energy burst
  • Do fact checking - do not take anyone's opinions on face value
  • Be low-key when necessary
  • Do not get too personal or too gossipy with colleagues - stay professional - too much talk can kill productivity


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