Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first ever MBA class: Workshop on Financial Statements

Had a class about Financial Statement Analysis on 30th August, 2010.
It was good. Learnt a lot. Excited.

My impression at this stage: Even though I am not from a business background, it is not at all difficult to learn the subjects taught. MBA is not rocket science, ha ha.

All one needs to do is:
  • Take active interest in the class & the topic being taught
  • Participate in class & discuss
  • Have an open mind
  • If you have doubts, get them clarified then and there
  • Study before class & study after class
  • Pay attention to the current events - read news papers regularly, especially the business section.
Am satisfied & happy. I would have been happier if the student strength was more in the Full Time MBA class. Perhaps not everyone attended today (there were about 30 people in class, I suppose).

Confident that the MBA shall be a breeze. There is a few more workshops lined up before full time classes begin. Looking forward to them.

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