Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 1st MBA Blog !!! (Orientation starts in the last week of August, 2010.)

Stoked about beginning the MBA program. Can not wait to meet other classmates and network! Am gonna work hard and try to be one of the best students in class. Lets see how things turn out. Am gonna start Full Time MBA in the Fall 2010 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I have decided to write a blog on a regular basis while doing my MBA. Shall keep a record of whatever I can and share it with the world. Why do I want to do this?

  • To share my experience with my loved ones - friends and family who are away from me.
  • To share my MBA experience with potential MBA candidates
  • To share it with every one who must wonder what the life os an MBA student is like. I confess I used to be very curious about MBAs earlier and always wanted to know what went on in the lives and heads of MBAs :)
  • To gather info for my book. I shall write a book some day - not just about my life in general, but also about my MBA life. These notes shall come in handy then :)
  • To network with new people. I am hoping to make many new friends by writing this blog. I hope people shall write to me and interact.
  • To act as an unofficial, self appointed ambassador of the program. I feel a bonding to the business school and feel the need to talk about it to the outside world.
18th August, 2010. This was my first Ryerson MBA blog !

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