Thursday, September 23, 2010

About buying books for study

I discovered that buying new books leaves a big hole in your pocket. But if you have loads of cash / deep pockets, who can stop you, eh? For the less fortunate, there are other options like beg, borrow or steal (ok, don't steal!) as below:-
  • Borrow from seniors or those who have completed the course
  • Buy a used book from a senior who is selling them
  • Buy a used book from Amazon or other online sites
  • Rent a text book from some peer textbook lending sites
  • Buy a used book from a used book store
  • Book a new book at discounted prices - an example is the Discount Textbooks
Discount textbooks is a book store at the intersection of Victoria St & Dundas St (south west corner), at 258 Victoria St., lower level. They also buy & sell used text books. For used books, they offer you 33% cash upfront if the book is in good condition and is listed to be on the course for the term or 50% credit to buy in their store.

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