Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My personal experience and opinion about the TRSM MBA program so far.

Firstly, the program is a mix of:
  • MBA - Global
  • MBA - MTI and
  • MMSc.
Secondly, there is a mix of:
  • Part time and
  • Full time students

Thirdly, there is a mix of:
  • Those who are taking foundation classes and are starting in Sep 2010
  • Those who have already taken foundation classes in May 2010 and are continuing in Sep 2010
  • Those who are starting in 2010 but do not need foundation classes
Now, this mix may be good in terms of having diversity in class, but what sucks, is the confusion! I mean every time I attend class, there is a different combinations of students as classmates and it is not easy to remember names and faces, you know! Infact, in the first week, I attended 2 wrong classes and did not even know that until after I got about 30 minutes into the class!

The program itself has been fun so far. I am satisfied. However, I feel that preparation should have started in the first week of August, like they do in some other business Schools like Rotman and DeGroote. We had our orientation itself on Aug 28th. I would have preferred it if we had some basic training and workshops starting from the 2nd week of August itself. But I am happy. Hey, I got nothing to complain, looking at the big picture, overall !

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