Thursday, September 2, 2010

Workshops on 1st September, 2010 at TRSM were great.

We had 2 amazing workshops today, for the part time students as well as the Full Time students.

(1) Resume & job search related workshop - by Mark Patterson & Wayne MacFarlene.
This covered topics related to proper way to writing resume, networking, job hunting, various available resources and so on. Lots of new info learnt during this 2 hour presentation. The energy and dedication of the 2 presentors was very touching. That's because they are working hard for OUR sake - the students sake, to see US succeed. Now, doesn't it feel so good when someone is doing something for YOU? You betcha!

(2) Business Communication skills and report writing skills related workshop - by Ken Grant & Dale Carl.
This 2 hour presentation covered topics about the proper way to communicate (written communication) while doing business. Plus, details about how to write reports - research report, consultation report, academic reports and so on.

There was also advise about Case Presentations. Ryerson's Ted Rogers School of Management is supposedly, a leader when it comes to Case Competitions.

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