Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting into the MBA frame of mind

Getting into the MBA frame of mind took me 20 days.

In the beginning, it was overwhelming. I just turned into a robot, a zombie. Did things without thinking, without feelings. Slowly, it started sinking in...  The last straw was when the assignments began. That hit the message home!

This is the very reason why I belive that students should ideally start preparation waaaay ahead of time. They can do this by doing the following:-
  • Become an expert in MS Office suite (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) 
  • Know APA format
  • Study Accounting basics
  • Buy a book from the market on the lines of "Crash course MBA" or MBA made easy or MBA for dummies or something like that - any good book written by an MBA giving you a summary of all MBA subjects.
  • Practice presentation skills
  • have business attire ready
  • Have your cash and financial matters sorted out
Among many, these things shall help you be better prepared for the MBA program.

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