Monday, October 18, 2010

Had presentation today. I did ok, could have done better

I had a presentation today about Toyota Production System and The Toyota Way. This was a mini presentation which I had volunteered for, myself actually!

What did I have to do to prepare for this?
  • Study books
  • Search the internet
  • Make power point slides
  • Think of how to create the content
  • Reorganize content innumerable times
  • Redo the power point slides innumerable times
  • Practice presentation by myself
  • Rush to meet the deadline (infact most of the work was done 4 hours before the presentation)
  • Freak out
  • Study more last minute
  • Try to act calm even though not all was hunky dory
  • But up a brave front and go for it!
  • Present myself in class to be available for the presentation
  • Actually make the presentation!
Presentation went well, even though it could have been better. Next time, I shall make sure to:
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Be ready with presentation much in advance, rather than  last minute!
The video of my presentation, called Kaizen Toast is embedded above - Enjoy!

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