Thursday, October 14, 2010

MBA program in Business Schools - many lions (good students) in the jungle (class) ?!

They say that there is only 1 king in the jungle. But when it comes to the MBA program, there are many lions in the jungle. Everyone in the MBA is smart. That is the best part. Your learning comes not only from the professor, but also from your colleagues. This is an excellent prospect. Its fascinating to have many brilliant minds in the same room and have a healthy discussion. Even though the student strength of TRSM is small, yet the quality of discussion is pretty good. Ofcourse, I can not compare it with that of other business schools, because I do not have information or experience of other schools.

Having so many brilliant minds in class can be both encouraging and demoralizing sometimes. Encouraging, because they set the bar pretty high and you are inspired to do well. Demoralising because you see that these people are always on top of things - they have all their work done and everything, their submissions are on time. And they even have time for fun and play! That ability is admirable indeed.

Ofcourse, you can feel some consolation by thinking that you are not alone and if you are not the best in the class, you are not the worst either, but it is good to have competition. And it is best to take the whole experience positively. And learn from colleagues too. Make the most of what you got!

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