Thursday, October 21, 2010

Transformation to Master's degree student in Canada from an Bachelor's degree student abroad

Ok, this blog is for prospective international students who are planning to come to Canada (or USA) to do an Master's degree. Depending on where you are coming from, you may face various challenges - cultural, environmental, social, financial and so on. It is important to understand two things:

a) There is a difference between studying in a Bachelor's program and a Master's program.
b) There is a difference between studying in Canada (or USA) and other countries, in my case, India.

When you make a move from a Bachelor's degree in India, it is a double whammy! Do you get what I mean? I mean, it is not just a transformation in the sense that you move to a higher level of education (as in a, above), but also that you move to a different style of teaching (as in b, above).

Difference between learning style in Bachelor's & Master's programs:
  • In Bachelor's degree, there is more support from the teacher, whereas in a Master's program, you are supposed to work independently.
  • In Bachelor's program, the level of difficulty and the workload is less, but in Master's program, it is more...
  • Will complete this later on.........
Difference between Classroom environment in North America and in South Asia, for example
  • In North America, you are encouraged to learn by yourself, where as in South Asia, you are taught every aspect step by step in detail
  • In North America, the study environment is casual, whereas in South Asia, the environment is very strict.
  • In North America, students can eat and drink in class. Students can come into class and go anytime they please. Try this in South Asia, you will be kicked out by the teacher!
  • In North America, discussion in class is encouraged, not so in South Asia
  • In North America, you can interact with your teacher on a more personal level and call him or her by first name, but never in South Asia!
  • In North America, a teacher is more like a friend, but in South Asia, teacher is more like God!
  • Will complete this later.  

The reason that I wrote this blog is that I have personally experienced these differences !

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