Thursday, October 14, 2010

What makes an ideal MBA student?

I am trying to blog on this topic to help me get the answer to this question myself. I guess the following are valid points:-
  • Complete weekly individual assignments
  • Complete group assignments
  • Read before each class and be prepared
  • Study during class and after class too
  • Read newspapers - local - especially business section, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal,
  • Read magazines - like Time, Economist etc
  • Read journals - Harvard Business Review etc
  • Know perfectly - MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Know APA format well
  • Have great writing skills
  • Have great presentation skills
  • Have great team skills (extremely important) 
  • Have good English - spoken, writen, comprehension
  • Pay attention in class
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Have proper business clothing & shoes
  • Have proper business attitude
  • Maintain a proper calendar and stay on top of deadlines
  • Know how to distribute workload & communicate with classmates / teammates
  • Communicate with Professors on a regular basis
  • Get proper career guidance from time to time from the Career Department
  • Make contacts - as many as you can.
  • Make friends for life
  • Work on your resume constantly - tweak it now and then
  • Work on prospective employers - keep scanning the horizon for opportunities
  • Attend job fairs
  • Attend workshops
  • Attend seminars
  • Attend parties  - if any
  • Attend MBA Association events - if any
  • Learn golf
  • Learn socializing skills
  • Learn how to manage stress
more to come later ... can not dedicate too much to the blog ..  will be back soon :)

(P.S: All this, ofcourse, is apart from your normal routine everyday tasks like:
  • Banking
  • Worrying about money inflow / outflow
  • Social life outside MBA
  • Family life
  • Part time job if you are doing that
  • cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping etc - everyday chores
I can assure you, that the Full Time MBA is very demanding indeed!)

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