Sunday, November 21, 2010

CMC Canada - Certified Management Consultant designation!

If you are interested in developing yourself as a Consultant in Canada, here is something to work towards - A CMC designation! You can become a Certified Management Consultant in Canada. Agreed, CMC is not as well publicised as the CMA designation, but it exists and it is a valuable title to aspire for. There are 20,000 people in Canada who call themselves Management Consultants! But not everyone is a CMC. You can become one! Click on the link:

What sets a CMC apart?
  1. High standards & adherence to code of conduct.
  2. Dedication to the client.
  3. Broad perspectives - Treat the cause, not the symptom!
  4. Passionate & proud about the Consulting profession.
  5. Step us as leaders to shape the industry.

Here are 2 links to useful You Tube videos about CMC Canada. Enjoy!

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