Monday, November 15, 2010

FEI (Financial Executives International) Case competition at Ted Rogers School of Management.

We had FEI case competition recently and it was so very awesome !

Ted Rogers School of Management played host to an MBA Case competition on 13th November, 2010. MBA teams from 11 Universities participants. Teams of 4 each, from University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, York University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, St.catherines, McGill University and so on.

Team rankings:
#1: University of Alberta.
#2: University of Toronto (Rotman)
#3: McGill University

It was an amazing environment! We as students of TRSM felt so proud to have hosted the event! I must say that the Rotman team was indeed awesome ! I was quite amazed by their presentation. Except for the fact that one of the speakers spoke too fast and did not seem to be a good fit into the team. But overall, they were good and proved that Rotman is indeed a fine institution !

The case was about a Canadian mining company, HudBay, based in Mannitoba, having problems and how consultants advise that they be managed. The problems were that there was the threat of strike by workers, threat of poor relations with First Nations locals and the threat of a friendly / hostile takeover by an Australian mining company. The opportunity was that there were reserves of sulphide found about 1000 feet deep into the earth. The question was : "How will you manage the situation?" What would you advise, as a consulting company, to HudBay? What should be the future course of action? It was fun to watch !

I have decided to attend as many case competitions as I can and learn from these events. And hopefully, I shall get better myself, with time.

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