Monday, November 15, 2010

Something about Integrative Week (Oct 2010 last week)

We had an integrative week in the last week of October, 2010. It was a pretty amazing experience!

All the MBA students in the program assembled on early Monday morning (more than 70 of us). And we were given a general overview and introduction to the event.

Then, we were all handed copies of a case for the sake of presentation. We had 3 days to prepare for a presentation. And on the 4th day morning, we had to make a presentation. The topic was implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Relationship) and Sustainability in a medium sized IT company in Europe called Host Europe.

There were 11 teams of 7 persons each in the team. And presented the case to 3 teams of judges. This was a great exersise in application of the knowledge learnt from the previous month and half of training as MBA students, especially the subjects of Strategy, Finance, Ethics, Human Resources and Business law.

A lot of us were initially nervous about presentation, but with time, we were ok. And after presentation, we felt so much better. We came out wiser and smarter after this Integrative week experience !

We are grateful to our amazing team of Professors & teachers for teaching us so many new MBA skills - including presentation, analysis, decision making and implementation. This is exactly what we shall be doing as Management team members in the future!

People say that the colleges for case studies are Harvard Business School & The Ivey School of Business. But Ted Rogers School of management is not far behind in these matters ! We have a lot of case presentations in our business school too !

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