Monday, December 13, 2010

Official end to 1st term of my MBA ! Feels great !!!

Today, I had my last and final test for the 1st term of the MBA program. Boy, am I glad! No more assignments, no more deadlines, submissions, staring at the computer screen and books - for this year. Need to recharge and reload. Get energized for the next term in the next year.

So many lessons learnt in the last 3 months (the term was only 3 months long). Lot of info stuffed into the brain. Feels great! You feel better prepared to face the world, you understand the world better. You open the news paper or a magazine and suddenly, everything makes sense to you. You can corelate each article with a course or subject in the MBA program. The adage "what the mind doesn't know, the eye doesn't see" is so very true!

Here's hoping to improve on the foundation that has been laid and hope to build the future on it. Thank you, Ryerson University and thank you Ted Rogers School of Management, for making a better and enlightened person out of me in 3 short months! Education is a gift, a boon that no one can take away. :)

I have promised myself to focus on building my soft skills in the future and do well. Making the students good at academics in not the only intention of MBA programs. Networking is a very important aspect as well. :)

Additionally, need to take up sports and a new hobby. It is important for management executives to learn how to destress and relax. Important to give rest to mind and body amidst all the mad chaos and rush to complete deadlines!

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