Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter term starts in Jan 2nd week

We have days off until the 2nd week of January, 2011. Winter term starts then. The work load shall be lesser in the next term compared to the Fall term.

I hope to use my time wisely by studying hard and preparing for the future terms. I especially need to pay attention to Quantitative Analysis, Finance and Accounting. I find these subjects harder than the rest. Need to put in more time and energy into these.

The other subjects are both easy and interesting. MBA really is no rocket science. But it does need a lot of hard work and dedication. The journey is tough, but the rewards are great. 1 term up, a few more to go. I shall try to complete the MBA by the end of 2011. At the most, it shall be over by early 2012.

Meanwhile, with newfound friendships and networks, life is much more pleasant and enjoyable. Life in the MBA is gooood :)

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