Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How am I doing?" - This is a very useful question !

"How am I doing?" - These 4 words can help you pass the course!

Recently, a classmate of mine told me that after every 2 class or after every assignment, he goes to the Professor and asks him this question "How am I doing?". I realized that this is so important. Keeping in touch with your Professor and getting constant feedback from the Prof. helps to understand where you stand and how you are performing with regards to the subject. This shall avoid surprise (low) grades, will help you avoid the embarassment of being caught unaware of poor grades from the Prof. And trust me, these things happen. I do not think any student ever feels that he / she has gotten the grades that he / she deserves. This conflict can perhaps be avoided or reduced by interacting with your Prof. on a regular basis and requesting for tips to improve in the subject!

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