Sunday, May 15, 2011

Regarding Job hunt for MBA students...

I remember reading this interesting snippet somewhere:

Question: When is the best age for a person to start planning for retirement? 35? 45? 50? Guess?
Correct answer: The best age / time is the day you start your first job and get your first pay cheque / salary.


Question: When is the best time to start job hunting, after you join the MBA program?
Correct answer: From the first day of the MBA program!!!

What can one do to work towards secure the dream job after the MBA program?
  • Get your business cards printed - even if it as an MBA student (please feel free to copy from my business card from a post below) and hand them out like candy on Halloween. :)
  • Develop your professional resume
  • Develop your online identity. Keep it clean, impressive and strong.
  • Build profiles on LinkedIn (, Twitter (, Facebook (
  • Also, Workopolis (, Monster ( and other useful sites. 
  • Develop social contacts
  • Develop professional contacts (network!, network!, network!)
  • Make a list of your dream companies (employers) and dream jobs
  • Keep in touch with the Career Service Department  of TRSM.
  • Attend the career counseling sessions organized from time to time
  • Keep track on job openings (through personal research) and keep applying for the jobs as and when you see vacancies (it is never early enough, as some applications take a long time to process and some resumes stay in the database of companies for a year or more)
  • Become a member of professional organizations
  • Attend the workshops, seminars, guest lectures organized from time to time at TRSM.
  • When is doubt, ask! (classmates, profs, staff). 
More soon (as and when I get new ideas / info myself!)
    Best wishes to you in landing your dream job!

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