Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring term is over !!! Accounting & Economics tests taken. Hello Summer term :)

Had my final test for Accounting yesterday. It went well ! :) There were 50 multiple choice questions and 6 essay questions. I hope to pass Accounting with a decent score.

Economics test completed, too. Went ok. Done with the Spring 2011 term. Yuhuuuuu !!! So happy! 2 more subjects under my belt now - total of 5 courses completed so far (HR, Strategy, Marketing, Accounting & Economics). Inching closer towards my goal of MBA completion.What else do I need to get my MBA? 9 more courses (subjects), 1 Major Research Paper and 1 internship term lasting 4 months (or job start) by mid 2012. And done!

Look forward to Finance and Statistics next. Summer term starts next week. Can't wait!

Time shall fly quickly and the Fall term shall be here soon. There shall be new students coming in, for the Fall term. About 30+ new students. Fall term is the most intensive of all terms, with a lot of seminars, presentations, case competitions, workshops and so on.

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