Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I learnt (and continue to learn) in Business School @ the Ryerson MBA program...

I have learnt a LOT after joining this Business School. Here is a gist: (I shall try and update this from time to time, in the future, too). There are things I am learning everyday. I still have 10 months left to complete this MBA program!

Lets face it. No one was born perfect. We get to learn things everyday, from time to time by trial and error basis.We are all like the diamonds in the rough. We need discovery, washing, cutting, polishing, branding, promotion and finally, display for sale as a finished product!
  • Networking
  • Importance of friends
  • Importance of silence (when to speak, when not to speak)
  • Participation
  • Importance of time management 
  • Importance of Microsoft Office suite - Word, Excel, Power point
  • Importance of timing (doing the right thing at the right time)
  • Importance of etiquette
  • Importance of internet & laptop!
  • Social skills - how to deal with people
  • Importance of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Importance of having a customized resume
  • Public speaking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Discovery of an amazing thing called Case Competition & Case Presentation
  • Consulting skills - still learning
  • Getting comfortable with numbers & not be intimidated by them
  • How to write a professional report (or at least try :)
  • How to party - still learning this - long way to go, I know. I am not a party animal
  • How to promote / sell yourself as a product / brand
  • That self interest is not selfishness
  • The concepts of Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma - life changing!
  • Concept of Blue Ocean Strategy - how to make that giant leap to attain success
  • Yet to come: Golf, Social etiquettes
  • Importance of a business card
  • Importance of funding, bursaries and scholarship
  • Importance of frikkin' OSAP - still not approved, for me. Darn!
  • Importance of attending events
  • Importance of discretion
  • Importance of edification
  • Importance of being a cheerleader
  • Teamwork & team spirit. To put "we" before "I"
  • Importance of building memories to last a lifetime
  • Importance of working towards building a legacy
  • Importance of KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid
  • Importance of business attire

More soon...

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