Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Business Process Reengineering etc

There are a lot of topics that the MBA-MTI students get to study, which the MBA Global students do not. I am almost beginning to envy the MBA-MTI guys. Ok, it is well known that the MBA program (when it originated in the US) was originally designed for engineers. And slowly, it expanded to include other specialties as well.

However, some of these topics are so interesting that I wish I could take courses in all of them. I know that it is not possible for an MBA student to learn everything about everything in the program, but I have decided that I shall do my best to learn as much (depth) of as many topics (number) as I can. I have decided that for all the topics that interest me or I think are important, I shall take courses / attend workshops / training for them and make sure that I get to know about all these topics before I complete my MBA. Here are two samples of BPR workshops / courses in Toronto. Plus one in Hamilton (at the DeGroote School of Business).

Below are some images regarding BPR (Business Process Reengineering):

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