Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adapted from McMaster U, Degroote MBA website: The 10 Most Important Things you would want to know:

The 10 Most Important Things You Will Want To Know
Level 1 Business Students were asked what they believed was important to know for success in their first year at McMaster. The following are the top testimonials from previous Level 1 students:
  • I wish I had listened when people said that each hour of lecture requires three hours of preparation!
  • I wish I had known that Welcome Week would be the best week of the year and that meeting new people, whether in the program or not, would be the easiest that week. So, advice to new students is to meet and introduce yourself to as many new people as you can when you first arrive. Then be ready to get down to academics when classes begin!
  • I wish I had limited my socializing and focused on school more.
  • I wish I had read the emails we received from the Dean, my Academic Advisor, the Commerce Society, as well as the other regular emails so that I could have been more informed on deadlines, events and became more involved in the various activities and clubs. 
  • I wish I had prioritized my time better and had known just how much work there was actually going to be. 
  • I wish I had known how approachable my instructors, tutorial assistants and academic advisor were in seeking help on an individual basis. 
  • I wish I had known that self discipline is one of the keys to success in first year. 
  • I wish I had known that help is available, like managing time and handling school work through the Centre for Student Development. 
  • I wish I had known how important it is to have a second alarm clock during exam time, so that when I ignored the first one and went back to sleep, the second one would have worked!
  • I wish I had paid attention in Commerce 1PA0. A lot of important information was given out.

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