Friday, September 30, 2011

Resume tips I received recently...

Approached the Career Service department for pointers about my resume and got several useful suggestions. I realized that it is very important to get a second opinion or a third opinion. Do not try to do it all by yourself.

Useful tips I got:
  • Volunteering information is important
  • Extra curricular activities must be mentioned
  • Pay attention to font size and line spacing
  • Have clarity and focus in resume
  • Customize your resume according to different positions
  • Do not use italics
  • Do not use the words: References available upon request
  • Do not use the words handled or assisted 
  • Be creative: everyone uses the words "team player", motivated, driven, proven etc
  • Do not generalize - explain what you did specifically and how you contributed
  • Check grammar and spellings thoroughly
More later...

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