Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canadian Citizenship: Like a Full Bus

Found an interesting article on Ryerson Free Press with the title: Canadian Citizenship: Like a Full Bus

Link below:

My response to this is "Yes, a newcomer to Canada may find it hard in the beginning. Infact it may be very hard for some, due to multiple adjustments that one is expected to make. But eventually, once you fit it, you shall find that this is one of the best places on Earth to live. Make sure that you have an open mind, are willing to accept the challenges that life throws your way and that you constantly upgrade your skills. Especially the last part. Get Canadian licensure in your respective field and constantly upgrade your skills. Always have a Plan B and Plan C in case Plan A does not work. There shall be a few bumps in the road, but in the end it shall all be worth it".

Regarding the hardships that you shall face,  my opinion is that you should NEVER suffer in silence and NEVER suffer alone. Reach out for help. Share your problems. Ask for opinions and advise. You shall find help only if you ask for it. And there are a lot of resources around and a lot of people willing to help you out. Be dynamic, do not remain stagnant. Get going, one step at a time and it shall only be a matter of time that you shall find yourself close to your goal.

Good luck with your horizontal journey to Canada and the vertical journey within Canada from the bottom to the top!

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