Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Correlation of Business School that you study in, to the Jobs available for you in the market.

There is an adage "It is not what you know, but WHO you know that matters in Canada". Similarly, it DOES matter which business school you go to study if you need jobs purely by networking or purely by help from then Career Services department of the business school.

Sure, if you are confident enough to find a job on your own, any school will do. But if you want good networks, then go to a business school with MAXIMUM networks. As of now, TRSM / Ryerson MBA being a relatively new program, does NOT have extensive connections in the industry as compared to many other business schools in Ontario. I am hoping that this shall change with time as TRSM builds its networks and the alumni grows.

There are many companies that have tie ups with other business schools but do NOT have tie ups with TRSM. This is where schools like Schulich, DeGroote and Rotman score over TRSM. The other schools have networks with the industry since decades as well as thousands of alumni.

Here are some examples - and I shall build the list with time -
* Colgate Palmolive deals with Schulich, Queen's, Ivey & McGill but not TRSM.

* Eli Lilly has contract with DeGroote for its internship program, but not with TRSM. That SUCKS!


* GE has tie ups with some Universities like McMaster, Waterloo, McGill, Queen, Calgary, Wilfred Laurier but NOT with Ryerson University.

I notice a pattern here:
Queen's University and McMaster University have extensive industry connections, waaaay better than that of other Universities. and so on...

Does that mean that I would have preferred going to Queen's? Hell, no! For the VFM (Value For Money) at TRSM, I think that I am capable enough to find a decent job myself :)

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