Saturday, October 15, 2011

Discovered the world of Blackberry Apps + Re adopted the Blackberry :)

I was a user of Blackberry handsets in the past (as part of the job - free company Blackberry), but had not been using one since 2 years. Yesterday,  I decided to give my brick phone its final goodbye and I got a Blackberry Bold 9700 for just $160 as part of a special offer by Wind Mobile and I am loving it. I am very impressed by all the new Apps (applications) available online. Especially related to weather, maps, blogging and so on. I have heard that android Apps are great too. Can not wait to sample those in the future, too! My next phone, next year shall be a Google Android OS phone with a big screen and perhaps a dual core processor.

The world has changed radically. With these apps (which are basically icons that stream relevant information to you on the screen), it is so much more easy to receive precise information. And Information is power!

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