Friday, October 7, 2011

Executive Recruiting Services - Your doors to the high life (potentially) !!!

Ok, so lets talk big bucks :) MBA is also called "More Bucks Annually", after all! :) Lets talk pay scales hovering around $100,000 a year ($100K, baby!) at the very minimum.

There are some companies of Head Hunters and Executive recruiters that can help you land in high positions. Of course, you need to have past experience. But I am guessing that even if you have relevant past experience before the MBA, these companies might be willing to give new MBAs a shot in certain cases. And again, this is just my opinion. Will update this post once I have done more research. If you have any info in this regards, please feel free to comment below...

Here is a list of some Executive recruiting companies that I found in the Toronto, ON region:-