Thursday, October 13, 2011

# Job hunt Status

Job hunt is going on fine, so far. Have applied to more than 7 dozen companies in multiple sectors already. More than 750 applications sent out in total already. Getting a few responses. Positive feedback from a few companies. But no concrete offer yet.

Interviewed for a British company yesterday. Interviewer was like "But you are a doctor! What will you do in an alcohol company?". I said I wanted to diversify my skills. He joked that the economy is not in the best of shape and if there was an advertisement for a gravel truck driver, we would probably have MBAs applying for them :) True.

But my strategy has been to explore all available opportunities and diversify my skills. If I keep doing the same things again and again all my life, I shall not learn anything new. And I am someone who likes to keep it fresh, at least with regards to my job skills :)

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