Tuesday, October 11, 2011

# Job hunt Strategy - Cast a wide net & Have an open mind.

"Cast a wide net. Better chances of catching fish". - Old jungle saying (kidding :)

"Mind is like a parachute. Works best when open". - True saying. Not kidding. 

These 2 strategies shall help you get through to more jobs. Do not presume that such and such is a good fit for you. Give some liberty to the recruiter too. Let him / her have a say in what is a good fit for you. Do apply for the general resume submission. And do email a copy of resume if they accept emailed resumes for their database.

Typically, once you start applying, expect a week or 2 or 3 of lull (before the storm). After the perios of silence, expect to bombarded with replies from various companies.

Maintain separate folders for companies in your email. Sort them out. Flag the important emails. Reply on time. Do not delay. Stay on top of things rather than get overwhelmed by the load of emails you receive.

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