Monday, October 10, 2011

Just made a VIDEO RESUME :) Here is how you can, too...

Just created a Video Resume (ELEVATOR PITCH) - a 4 minute video clip for the benefit of my potential employers. Hope this helps the hiring department to get an understanding of:
  • Who I am?
  • What is my background like?
  • What is my personality like?
  • What is my English like?
  • What I can offer to the company?
  • What I am looking for?
  • Am I a good fit for the company?
  • Is the company a good fit for me?
  • Should the company hire me?
  • What should the company offer me - (terms and conditions)?
Now, this one was made in the spur of the moment. I did it myself, with no help from anyone. I hope to put together a better Video Resume sometime in the future - in a suit and with better content after having perfected the "elevator pitch". But for now, this should suffice.

The video is still uploading... Takes a while on YouTube. Wanna make one yourself? Here is how you do it (for the uninitiated. I am sure that there are a lot of experts out there...):

1) Choose a decent setting with good lighting
2) Know what to talk about - have a general idea (or perfect the talk if you can)
3) Set up the video recorder at a good spot
4) Record the video
5) Transfer the video file to your computer
6) Login to your YouTube account online. If no account, create one
7) Upload your video to YouTube
8) Share it with your friends / intended viewers.
9) Spread the word ...

For a good video, keep it simple and short, speak with clarity, appear upbeat and cheerful, be confident, look into the camera directly, choose your words rightly and so on...

Once again, my Resume is at


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