Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not interested in Staff surveys anymore.

From time to time, we have surveys at the Business School. Earlier, I used to be very enthusiastic and used to offer positive critiques or comments. However I am not interested in these surveys anymore. Reason?

a) You are not likely to win the ipad or the iphone that you are promised from random lottery winning. What are the odds?
b) Somehow, you get the feeling that the relevant staff gets upset. People have access to the whole feedback and get pissed off. No one likes to hear criticism, even if it is a constructive one.

In order to avoid unnecessary complications, I am going to skip the surveys completely henceforth. And am gonna refrain from giving opinions about any staff or student henceforth in public. Things get blown out of proportion so easily and gossip spreads faster than lightning!

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