Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Using LinkedIn to find jobs

Thus far, I looked for jobs at company websites - career section as well as sites like:
  • Monster.ca
  • Workopolis.ca
  • wowjobs.ca     etc
Now, I am taking a look at LinkedIn as well. Sometimes, there are resources right under the nose and we kinda neglect them. So far, I had used LinkedIn as a way to make connections. But I had not used it for job search - honest confession. Hope to use LinkedIn as the search engine for jobs now on :)

Another question that arises is this: Should one use LinkedIn upgrade (and pay about $50 a month instead of using it as a free service) and get extra services? Is this strategy effective? Hmmm... Gotta mull over this for a while.

By the way, LinkedIn does allow you to download your resume in a PDF format. Try that. It is pretty decent. Cheers!

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