Friday, November 18, 2011

Marketing Case study - Wilbur Sargunaraj

Wilbur  Sargunaraj is an Indian / Canadian YouTube star with huge recent following. Link here:

Few notes about this guy:
  • Innovative use of YouTube to gain mass following
  • Good use of SNS (Social Networking Sites) like Twitter & Facebook. 
  • Content is fresh and original 
  • Started as a singer, goes on to become an entertainer...
  • Use of tags: "Simple Superstar" & "Making the Ordinary Extraordinary"
  • Good marketing exercise
  • Good and distinct branding
  • Logo, Music, theme and overall content is well positioned towards a target market
  • A lot of Indians overseas, Indians especially in South India would enjoy his videos
  • In this digital age, his videos are going viral and gaining popularity. 
  • His success lies in use of English language which has a wider audience as well as..
  • The ability to form a bridge between Indian culture and western culture.
  • The ability to focus on small things of life - small, silly, minute details
  • Expanding by getting global content
  • I notice that he has ads on his sites which must get hime some ad revenue to keep going as well.
Overall, good job, Wilbur!!! Keep entertaining the world. Keep informing the world about Global culture!!! In today's world environment of stress and hatred, we do need people like you who spread love and happiness!
    More about Wilbur.. at

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