Sunday, November 13, 2011

Improving Creativity - Developing Alternatives

Creativity involves combining and synthesizing information into novel ideas. It is a divergent thinking exercise. Develop as many possible alternatives, not just one. Maximize decision space. 20 ideas are better than 2. And 200 ideas are better than 20.

1) Quantity (of research / ideas) creates quality.
2) Defer judgement: All new born ideas are equal. Don't kill new ideas.

3) Craziness is encouraged. Creative ideas are often strange. Encourage people to come up with wild ideas, totally different from the original.

4) Get away from the situation. Take a break. Change the environment. New ideas may occur to you.

5) Run with your ideas. Let thoughts flow freely. Try to piggy-back ideas. Arrange people in a circle so that all face each other in a group.

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