Monday, November 28, 2011

Why this Kolaveri Di - What do the words mean??? Here you go..

Ok, I am from South India too, originally :) Though I speak Kannada, not Tamil. Here is what the words mean. Found the explanation from the internet.
  • Soup: Love failure
  • Soup Boys:  Guy who has been dumped by a girl 
  • Soup Song:  Love Failure Song 
  • Moonu: Moon (also refers to Number 3 in Tamil) 
  • Mama: Dude 
  • Kolaveri:  Murderous Rage/ Killer Rage 
  • Di:  used to usually call girls in a crude way (some says its shortened form of de(ar) and boys are called ‘da’ which is shortened form of darling) 
  • Kai:  hand 
  • Bovu:    bye-bye shown by the girl resulting in failure..
  • Sariya Vaasi: Play (Instrument) Correctly

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