Friday, December 30, 2011

CEO Culture & Lifestyle Conterproductive???

I have a theory about SOME CEOs (not all).
This is just general brain-storming.
It is not conclusive and all encompassing.

CEOs get selected based on networks.
CEOs get selected based on past record.
CEOs get selected based on charisma.

CEOs, however, do not live the life of a ideal learners.
CEOs spend more time at parties and business meetings, not at libraries
CEOs are busy spending the money they have made rather than earning more for themselves & company
(That does not mean CEOs are not interesting making money - they are)
CEOs are not learning enough about the new developments in the world.
They are just getting the board-room view
CEOs only have the top-view and not the bottom view.
CEOs are arrogant and overconfident.
CEOs could be subjective and not objective.
CEOs throw caution to the winds and think they can single-handedly change the world.
CEOs are mostly older and not younger (I am not talking of the Tech-companies in Silicon valley)
Older CEOs do not know how to use Social Media and Internet effectively.
CEOs want big leaps and not incremental growth.

This is counter productive. I like the model in Japan / Japanese culture of CEOs better.
Would love to study this in depth and report back :)
There must be a way for CEOs to change the way they and get better.
There must be a way for CEOs to stop thinking that they have "MADE IT"
There must be a way to keep the hunger in CEOs alive.


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