Friday, December 23, 2011

Design Your Own Profession! (Do not use fixed / outdated job titles --> Create your OWN)

From the link:

Technologies that connect people to knowledge, services, and one another across the globe have acted as a centrifugal force, spinning functions and authority away from the center toward millions of previously silent and dis-empowered individuals. The result is that many old titles and jobs no longer make sense, and many new functions are just waiting to be claimed....

Customize your Job title !
...What does all this mean for job-seekers in this uncertain economy? Forget the titles on the org charts and the advertised positions. Design your own profession and convince employers that you are exactly what they need. In my view, the New York Times and other information hubs ought to be advertising for curators and verifiers, but you shouldn't wait for them to do so. Define the functions you think they need and you can supply, and then apply for a corresponding position, whether or not they've created it yet.

......Information and communications technology is blowing the old categories into bits. But countless new jobs will be created connecting those bits in unexpected but useful ways. And who better to name them than you?

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