Sunday, December 25, 2011

$ 5 Billion Song --> A Deustche Bank Trader Wrote A Song About "The Crappy CDO Business" To A Tune By Vanilla Ice

From the link:

Rocky Kurita, set CDO business to a song, “CDO Oh Baby,” by Vanilla Ice with the following lyrics:

Yo vip let’s kick it! CDO oh baby, CDO oh baby.
All right, stop, collaborate and listen.

Spreads are wide with a technical invasion.
Home Eq Subs were trading so tightly.
Until Hedge Funds Bot Protection daily and nightly.

Will they stop? Yo I don’t know. Turn up the Arb and let’s go.
To the extreme MacroFunds do damage like a vandal.
Now, BBs are trading with a new handle.

Print, even if the housing bubble looms.
There are never ends to real estate booms.

If there is a problem, yo, we’ll solve it.
Check out the spreads while my structurer revolves it.
CDO oh baby, CDO oh baby.

The leaked email:

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