Friday, December 30, 2011

EDUCATOR (/ Educationist?) ---> I LOVE this term

I love the term "Educator". It stands for some one who educates. Some one who teaches. Some people use the term "Educationist" too. I realize that I love teaching. And helping enrich the lives / knowledge of others. The online medium is one of them. This is such a powerful tool! Perhaps there is some pleasure about being in control too, eh? About having the rapt attention of a whole class of students and having that opportunity to shape the minds of young brains - the future of the country.

I shall explore the means to be able to take this to the next level. To build my teaching skills as much as I build on my learning skills. 

Now, the problem is that one needs a Ph.D. to teach at the Master's level. I should perhaps look at starting at a junior level like a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant. So far, I have avoided jobs of TA / RA, simply because I was doing another Part Time job on the week ends and studying during the week days. But now, I should give it a thought / a shot. Should start building my teaching skills. I think this helps build a person's personality as well. The fact that you stand in front of a class of 30 to 60 students and be challenged by them makes you stay on your toes all the time. It makes one a tougher person as well. I am excited about exploring this avenue. Will seek ways to do so... (I know that I could teach in Business Schools in India right away, after my MBA, even without a Ph.D. I wish I could take up teaching undergraduate students in Canada as well as a part time commitment. Of course, I would have to become an expert in a field of choice myself - Strategy / Marketing suit me best, but with some hard work and focus, it would not be so difficult.)

- Gerry. 

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