Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Entrepreneurship > Job.

This morning, I feel strongly about making the shift towards entrepreneurship, rather than towards a job. Want to be my own boss. Want to be in control. There is a LOT that doctors with MBAs can do to make society better and I shall try to do just that.

I have a few premium internet domain names lying unused and I shall use one of them to launch my company. Just want to get this MBA done with and move on to my career. At times, the world of knowledge seems tempting and inviting. The laurels bestowed on scholarly men seem like tempting mountains calling you towards them. But then, life calls / beckons too. Real world is different from the world of academia - which can sometimes be secluded and detached from the real life - ironical, ain't it?

I shall look for like minded people to work with and hopefully get something going in mid 2012. I know that a lot of start ups fail to take off and lot of companies fail after take off. But as always, I am a confident guy and I am sure that I can make it work :) Will use all my knowledge of Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Strategy etc to try to make it work, LOL.

I want to do something substantial in life. Want to do good for the society. Want to leave a legacy. Create jobs instead of beg for one. What better way to go than start a company and do awesome things... Will keep you posted.

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