Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Executive Compensation: An example of an outrageous act of Corporate America

From the link:

(Stories like this just create that warm fuzzy feeling in me that I am doing an MBA and could some day be working at the top of a big corporation. Kidding...

Not in Japan. Not in India. Only in USA can executive pay be so outrageously high :)

To lure Thomson Reuters executive Devin Wenig to move across the country and take a post as President of eBay Marketplaces, the giant internet firm offered some nice goodies
  1. $750,000 / year ---> Salary
  2. $2.4 million ---> Restricted stock
  3. $10,000 / month (temporary housing allowance)
  4. Business class air fares whole family from coast to coast.
  5. $1 million ---> Home purchase payment 

Here are some videos related to executive compensation:

(1) Richard Fuld (Lehman Brothers)

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