Saturday, December 31, 2011

How knowledge kills innocence, not just ignorance! One feels differently about the same topics after learning about them...

"Knowledge does not just kill ignorance; It kills innocence too" - Gerry Som (my own quote :). 

I was just cleaning up my old Facebook account and found some interesting posts there: 
(1) This is a post of mine from early September 2009. I was different then, because at that time, I had not started my MBA yet. I had a lot of unanswered questions in my mind then. My thoughts were not properly formed with regards to Business or with regards to North America. I have changed in the last 2 years.

Quoting myself from September 2009 after a group event "Group events are a great way to test performance of individuals in a team / assess team dynamics. If one is too soft at working towards the goal, he could be misinterpreted for being a wussy and if one is too aggressive (even when being aggressive is potentially an asset in business world) he is a bully! Finding the right balance / tact is as difficult as it is important! Hope to learn these soft skills with time.

I also remember asking this question about Business to some one in September 2009 "It is said that - In business, there is no mercy; If there is mercy, you can not do business" Is this true?. Obviously, at that time, I did not know the concept of CSR & Sustainability. My mind had a LOT of questions and I have not always been able to find the answers to my questions :) I can answer this question now ---> Yes, it is possible to do business with mercy. Business ethics is not an oxymoron. They can go hand in hand. 

(2) Another post of mine from September 2009 - my original quote: 
"My very own crude definition of Business (copyright Gerry Som!): A set up (pun intended) where the Enlightened tap the Clueless, the Gutsy tap the Weak, the Established tap the Unestablished, the Willing tap the Unwilling... to work for them in return for a fraction of the money they make for them and (more often than not) in return for a fraction of the respect they deserve".

Of course, I feel differently now. It is all about understanding and acceptance. Yes, the world is not perfect and yes, I shall try to adapt to the world as it is and survive. I can not change the world and there is no point getting upset or angry about it, LOL.  

- Gerry. 

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