Thursday, December 29, 2011

ORNGE recently spent $600,000 on MBA degrees for 7 top executives. Excellent investment, folks :)

The ORNGE air ambulance service has recently spent more than $600,000 on university business degrees for top executives. In the last year, at least seven ORNGE officials have received or are enrolled in an executive MBA from a top Canadian business school. An ORNGE spokesman defended the practice, saying the executives are “high performers” and funding the business degrees helps ORNGE “attract and retain top quality talent.” ORNGE, which employs 400 people, receives $150 million in public funding each year.

The business schools include:
Schulich School of Business
Ivey School of Business
Business School in Brussels

What I understand ----> MBAs are valuable and well respected in the Healthcare Management Industry. I guess $600,000 is a bit steep (and the media shall make a noise about it), but an MBA is certainly worth it. If the knowledge is applied properly, it can bring about great return on investment!

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