Saturday, December 3, 2011

World Internet usage statistics (by Users, by Usage & by Bandwidth / Speed) & Social Media related news.

Internet users in the world - distribution by world regions for 2011. Two billion users now! 44% in Asia, 22% in Europe, 13% in North America, only 10% in South America and the Carribean, 6% in Africa, 3% in the Middle East, 1% in Australia. Did you notice how the power centre has moved from North America (the Early Adopters) to Asia (Late Majority)?

What about internet usage per percent population within these regions?
A lot of Youtube videos these days are quickly gathering half-BILLION to almost a Billion hits! (Beiber, Pitbull etc). Considering that the population of Earth is 7 billion and global internet usage percentage is 2 billion population - about 30%, that is a LOT of YouTube hits. This must be due to the influx of late-adopters in the "Diffusion of Innovations" curve, lot of repeat visitors or these must be computer software going click-click-click on these videos, LOL. Here is a link for the world internet usage statistics.

I see that Facebook has begun to monetize its site big-time since this morning! Ad banners appearing left, right and centre (in between posts). Font size of posts has been decreased too. User experience is all downhill from here. In another story, bites the dust. Company shutting doors his year. Perhaps LinkedIn and other sites (Monster, Workopolis) were too large & powerful to compete against...

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