Friday, December 23, 2011

STP applied to the Job Market

I did a STP & SWOT exercise for myself, with regards to the Job-Market:
Segmentation - Done!
Targeting - Done!
Positioning - Still working on it.

Just like people prefer brand name designer labels, I have recently developed a preference for reputed companies as my potential employers now. It is natural to be attracted to the very best. Can't wait for Summer 2012 to know what destiny has in store for me! In the past, I sent tons of resumes, but then, I realized that the jobs that I had applied for are within easy reach - low hanging fruits (jobs in the $45K to $65K per year range). So I have decided to reach out for the fruits higher up, to suit my MBA title - not just in terms of compensation, but in terms of challenging work environment and learning opportunities on the job. Recently, I am taking a specific target approach to job applications. Fingers crossed.

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