Monday, December 19, 2011

Focus on in-depth study in school or Focus on securing a job?

Sometimes I wonder if I should focus on learning alone and absorb the campus environment to the fullest. Make use of all the seminars and meetings available. Study in the library and understand topics in great depth. Take the maximum number of courses possible, even over and above the required number of courses to pass.

Of course, there is the pressure to get into job, but I am thinking that if it is possible, I should consider staying in the school a little longer and taking more courses. The problem with the job is that once I get started on a job, I shall be completely involved in the job and I shall not have time to pursue learning as aggressively as when I am in School full time. Will see how things go. Of course a job is important, but my priority is learning in depth, right now. I want to become a Business Guru, a genius - to put it modestly. In other words, I want to become an expert in my field and excellent in my field.

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