Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have an idea for making an amazing Documentary Film

I have an idea to make a documentary film - for YouTube, if not for the theatre, LOL. Sounds crazy / way too ambitious, I know. Lemme see if I can do it. Need to constantly keep challenging myself and look to conquer greater heights. Status quo sucks in so many ways! Having started with making short clips on Youtube has given me some confidence. I even learnt about video editing using Windows Movie Maker... All you need is a HD video camera, a good videographer, a director, research material and off you go! Movie making has never been easier in all of history!Plus, I have the research material ready and I can actually visualize the whole movie in my mind right now :)

The topic that I have in mind is a controversial topic. May ruffle a few feathers. But will get attention to the necessary target group. And perhaps social justice. Will see if it works out in the near future. This also makes me want to shy away from getting into any Sales jobs. Earlier, I was crazy about jumping into the first available job. But now, I think I can do more with my life. I should not get into a job that shall take away all my time and energy. I can be of use to society and help those who are under - privileged in society.

- Gerry.

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