Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vital Skills for Becoming Dollar Billionaires

It seems that there is no common magic recipe to copy and become a billionaire as each one of these billionaires has had a unique route to success, however controversial that may be.

Some had to face terrible tragedies and hardship, which would have destroyed many other human beings. Others did not have these hurdles to overcome but all of them had to work really hard. All of them had to integrate aspects of themselves, which could be called the ‘dark side’ or ‘the shadow’ as the great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung called it, into their personality and function convincingly among other human beings. We could say that the greatest effort they invest in order to become successful is with their own selves.

1) Self-management is the most difficult part of management skills needed to become a billionaire.

Along with this skill for self-management, there are however, four additional common factors in all these billionaire life stories.

2) They all had a burning desire to be successful, and they relentlessly pursued their goals without losing faith in themselves.

3) Secondly, each one of them had an inner conviction. They saw themselves as successful in their mind’s eye and did not give up in spite of all difficulties. This ability to first visualize success and maintain this vision seems to be a key component for success in all fields.

4) Thirdly, they all took major risks in thinking out of the box and acted consistently.

5) Lastly, they all understood the value of networking and engaging other gifted people.

Even if you don’t become a billionaire, you can get so much happiness by beginning to appreciate and being more thankful for what you have. If you can’t get what you’d love, love what you’ve got.

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