Sunday, December 18, 2011

What to do after MBA?

  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • NGO / Charity
  • Entrepreneurship

Ask yourself the following key questions:

What is my target?

-       Check your assumptions
Our beliefs about the right job are often made up of assumptions. Assumptions about a company you never worked for before, being based on the company’s name, reputation and culture. However, most of the time, you base your judgment on a brand, a salary level or just a social status.
First word of advice – stop assuming! It’s time to get first hand experience and meet the people that work within the company. Start with your Alumni network. They know what you feel like. They were in your shoes! Ask them what they like, what they don’t like, what they do, how they made it to their position. Ask them who they know who has a similar profile.
-       Follow your passions
Only passion for your profession will keep you working at the same pace. Identify key functions that you enjoyed in the past. Talk to people at school to have a broader view. Find the people you have a good fit with and have a similar profile to.

How do I make sure I reach my target?
-       Explore Blue Ocean Strategy:
Focus on your point of differentiation: don’t let yourself be driven by group pressure!
-       Stay focused and rational:
When you know what you are looking for, it takes less time and energy to find it. We all have to face constraints. You will have to make choices. The key is that you find the right job in the right company at the right time. Do not try to be superwoman, and think you will be able to handle everything. This is why passion is such an important element.

Am I going for a win/win situation?
Interviews give you the opportunity to see if you suit a company as much as the company suits you. Just the fact that you love what you do will make you more efficient in your job.

And don’t forget: Networking helps you reach this target!
You need to make sure you find some inspiring characters around you. Go and look for them, do not hesitate to ask and meet as many people as you can. Make your own choices, follow your instincts and don’t follow the crowd.
Once you go for what you feel is right, you still have to cross-check. With time, you will evolve and you will want to change. As a woman, you will have to juggle a family and a profession and find the right balance of priorities.
With experience, you too will become an inspiration and you have to make sure that the chain is continuous; that you continue to build the chain and that you share with others. A network is a living element. You need to feed it to get the energy out of it; when you let it down, it fades away.

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