Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why does Finland have the BEST education system in the world?

  • Population: 5 million. 
  • People love coffee
  • #1 in Science & Math. (US is #17 in Science & 24 in Math)
  • <2% high school drop outs in Finland (vs 25% in USA). 
  • Tough curriculum. 
  • Balance of school and play
  • School time is very focused 
  • Higher teacher to student ratio. 
  • Many teachers stay with the same students for several years
  • All teachers are Masters degree holders. 
  • Help for weaker students. 
  • Continuity in class.
  • Involved parents. 
  • Parents push their children to study well
  • Relaxed environment in the classroom. 
  • Average student speaks 4 languages. 
  • Finnish culture that values education. 
  • Highly efficient education system & a state supported healthcare. 
  • But 40 years ago, Finland was a poor country dependent only on agriculture. 
  • Like doctors & lawyers, the best and brightest are chosen to teach. 
  • Finland spends USD.3000 less per pupil as compared to American students. How do they achieve more?
  • Teaching is an appreciated profession. Like doctors and lawyers, Finland's best and brightest are chosen to teach. 
  • Top 10% of graduates are teachers in Finland, versus bottom 25% in USA
  • An amazing success story. 
  • Finland's blueprint: (1) Tough national curriculum (2) Masters degrees for all teachers (3) Up to 3 teachers per class - 3rd works with weaker students.
    Boy, I love the Scandinavian countries now :) I have been to Norway, Sweden & Estonia in Northern Europe apart from the other European countries - like France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Czech republic and so on...

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